renaissance-festival 6 Proven Ways That MRF Rules - We here at the Dregs are trying to bolster up our clicks on our blog, and we heard clickbait WORKS, so like they say, you’ll never believe these crazy ways our Fest rules! 6. The Food, Even Though It’s Meaty If you like meat, man oh man is this a glutton smorgasbord for YOU. As the token vegetarian, I’ll be over by the pickles if you need me. 5. The Scenery, Because Damn *cues clarinets and flutes* “Little town, it’s a peaceful village. Every day, like the one before. Little town, full of nerdy people, waking up to saaaaaay… HUZZAH!” 4. Speaking […]
mom tat Droopie of the Month: July Edition - Greetings Droops! This month we celebrate the sensational, remarkable, phantasmagorical Chris ‘Mom’ Arneson. Chris insists people call her mom, and we are honored to do so! I met Chris when I was but a fledgling Dreg, scared and alone in this world, and she gave me encouragement and compliments galore! I don’t think I would have fared quite so well those early days without her help. She continues to support the band, and hangs out behind Mac’s Pub with us. She is family, and during those short seven weeks a year, we get to come together and joke, laugh, and love. […]
pixel dregs CALLING ALL NERDS - Are you a nerd? Do you do nerd stuff? Did you go to CONvergence and now you’re going through withdrawals? Did you NOT get to go due to budget constraints and wish now you had gone?  BOY I HAVE AN OFFER FOR YOU!!! Tomorrow The Dregs are doing our Do No HARM CONcert! At the Double Tree in Bloomington! $15! WHAT A DEAL! Wear costumes! Fraternize with other nerds! Or don’t because you’re socially awkward! Who cares, this is for funzies! There will be Bad September opening for us, along with the comedy stylings of Patrick Bauer, and then hours […]


2b1s preview
LIVE CD featuring Four Pints Shy
Price(USD): $20.00
2012 Release
Price(USD): $15.00
MMM! Christmassy!
Price(USD): $15.00
Molly's Filthy Mouth RIngtone
You'll eventually want to mute your phone.
Price(USD): $0.50


I Feel Bad
A commission from Joseph Scrimshaw for Flaw Fest
Price(USD): $0.99


The Dregs will be appearing at:

  • Minnesota Renaissance Festival
    16 Aug 2014 - 00:00
    Minnesota Renaissance Fesrival

    The Dregs at MRF
    Come see The Dregs in their native habitat. This is where the band was formed and where they continue to attract fans and offend sensitive people. Appearing multiple times daily at Mac’s Pub and Folkstone Pub.